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We're are currently looking for Sales Associates- immediate start through Fall/Winter 2021.  Please email resumes to

The Sales Associate has responsibility for assisting with the daily operation of Anchored In Pink - A Lilly Pulitzer Signature Store. This includes sales, serving the customer, and safeguarding the assets of the store. The following specific responsibilities supplement the overall duties:

  • Understand the overall concept of Lilly Pulitzer, including the lifestyle, the customer, the merchandise and the heritage.
  • Present and sell merchandise consistent with the brand.
  • Greet each customer and provide the sales assistance appropriate to sell merchandise to the customer.
  • Know the merchandise on the floor and suggest merchandise to customers as appropriate.
  • Provide suggestions to management for merchandising which may improve sales.
  • Use the POS software system effectively
  • Learn the point-of-sale software system. Use the system to perform the following tasks: routine register transactions, routine inventory receivings and transfers, and opening and closing of the registers and store.
  • Safeguard the assets of the store.
  • Operate the store consistently with the prescribed company policies and procedures for the store.
  • Provide ideas to grow and improve the business. This may include ideas for merchandising, staffing, floor displays, store fixturing, advertising, promotion, hours of operation or any other ideas which may improve and grow the business.


  • Understand Lilly Pulitzer and have a genuine enthusiasm and interest for the concept, the customer and the merchandise.
  • Sufficient fashion credibility to sell merchandise to customers.
  • The initiative and self-assurance to be able to approach and sell customers comfortably.
  • A high level of dedication, commitment and initiative to operate a store dependably and with minimal supervision or direction.
  • The flexibility of schedule to accommodate the hours typical of retail store employee.
  • The ability and comfort level to operate with an automated point of sale system.
  • The detail orientation necessary to safeguard the assets of the store. This includes cash reconciliation and inventory management.


  • A high school diploma is preferred, but not required for the position.
  • Prior experience in a retail store is preferred, but not required.
  • Weekday afternoons and weekend availability is required.